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For Sale Ideco H35KD

Ideco H35KD

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Posted 01-02-2013 Description
    Ideco H35KD-rig-12-full-specs.pdf
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RIG 12

96' MAST SATIC HOOK IS (dan) 97900. Service Rig

Make & Model: Ideco H-35KD

Capacity: 4000m

1980 Ideco H-35 KD
Level 4 July 4, 2006 7117hrs
Cat 3406B 6420hrs
Alison 5860 approx 12000hrs
98 ft Pemco derrick
205000 lb hookload


Height: 29.27 M
Capacity: 91,200 daN (204,835 lbs)
Racking Capacity TBG: Double Rods: Triple


1066.8mm x 254mm

Sandline: 3650M 14 MM
Engine: 3406 CAT H.P.: 340
Transmission: Allison 5860

B.O.P. System

Class: III Activated By: 273 Litre


Double Gate Press: 35,000 kPa
Make: Shaffer LWS Size: 179.4 MM

Pump & tank SKID

Engine: 3306 CAT H.P.: 330
Transmission: 4 Speed Spicer
Pump Make: Oilwell 346P
Pump Rate: 10.5 MPA = .8 M^3/MIN.
Pressure Test To: 35 MPA
Tank Size: 28.6 M^3 Degrasser: Yes
Mixing System: Mud Hopper Jets 2

Handling Equipment

Tubing: Tongs, Slips, Elevators
For 60-73mm TGB

ROD Hook, Wrenches, Elevators
For 15.8 - 25.4mm RDS
Swabbing Equip. 60-73mm TBG

Saver Head: Guiberson Type "HD"

Press Rating: 10,500 kPa

Safety Equipment

Tubing Safety Valve - 73mm Adapters
2-SCBA, 4-30# Fire Extinguishers,
Derrick Climbing Device, first Aid Kit

Dog House

2.4m x 9.5m Skid Building
With 40 Kw Light Plant

Loads To Move Rig & Equipment

Summer: 4-Truck & Trailer
Winter: 5-Truck & Trailer

Crew: 5 Man Total

* Rig Certifications Available Upon Request

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