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We’re taking a different approach to marketing within the Oil & Gas Industry.  Most Businesses are extremely tired of spending money to advertise and hoping for the best.  RigList will not charge to become a member or post ads.

Our approach is to simply ask our business users to pay whatever they think our service is worth, should their business benefit by it.  Think of this as a “Pay for Performance” website on an “Honor System!”   This business concept has been well received by all sorts of companies within the Oil & Gas industry.  Most companies have told us that they would gladly give a small portion of a sale, or contribute because of successful employment hires.

It’s taken a while to develop, but we anticipate this to be the fastest growing website in the Oil & Gas industry, in terms of web traffic.  We hope you enjoy some of the unique features this site has to offer.  Those searching for Equipment, Events, Auctions, or seeking employment, will definitely appreciate how easy this site is to navigate through and use.  Our overall goal was to create something that would be simple to manage and make financial sense to companies posting ads.

We will proudly recognize companies (listed below), that financially support this website.  However, we are certain that a few companies will post numerous ads and choose not to assist monetarily.  Therefore, RigList reserves the right to disable accounts for that, or any other reason without prior notice.


that allow us to serve you & keep this website going.

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