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We'll Pay You Up To $25 To Post Your OWN Ads!

We'll Pay You to Post Your Own Ads! Let us explain why we're making this offer and how it works. Every successful business needs to identify and overcome obstacles. According to our analytics data and a few calls, we've learned that there's interest, but an unwillingness to be one of the first to post ads. We're simply doing this to help get the ball rolling so everyone can see how user friendly this website will be.

RigList will pay $5 for each legitimate Oil & Gas related post! Besides fully completing your posts, we ask that you include no less than 4 gallery images on each post. We'll limit this offer to the first 50 posts with a maximum of 5 posts ($25) per company. To be compensated, send us an email at riglist@gmail.com with your info so that we can issue you a check.

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